Onda su onda

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(Italiano) Laboratorio di narrazione autobiografica

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A Bologna torna il grande cinema biografico

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Liberi tutti!

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Moltiplicare le vibrazioni: l'eredità di un grande archettaio

“Se c’è una cosa che ho imparato in tanti anni di lavoro è che non ci si può mai fermare, ogni risultato apre nuove porte e nuovi orizzonti sono lì, da esplorare”.

La passione, la curiosità, l’apertura mentale di Giovanni Lucchi – grandissimo archettaio cremonese scomparso nel 2012, i cui ricordi abbiamo avuto la fortuna di raccogliere in un libro – sono tutte racchiuse in questa frase.

La fonte della sua vitalità, il motore della sua inesauribile energia, era il confronto con gli altri, la voglia di continuare a imparare anche e soprattutto attraverso i musicisti e gli allievi.

Il sapere va propagato e diffuso, solo in questo modo si arricchisce e si moltiplica, esattamente come le vibrazioni uniche che sapeva estrarre da uno strumento con i suoi archetti.

Ecco perché, oggi, i suoi figli hanno scelto di dar vita a una nuova accademia per liutai e archettai: in questa breve intervista ci raccontano come.

Giornata della memoria

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ll mio luogo del cuore

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Liberi tutti! Il 25 aprile 1945 con gli occhi dei bambini

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“Raccontandosi” attends the first lnternational Self Publishing Festival in Senigallia


It is an exchange of ideas and experiences among independent authors and publishing professionals. A celebration of Self Publishing as part of the Renaissance taking place in the internet age.
This initiative is led by Narcissus.me, the self-publishing platform of Simplicissimus Book Farm and will organizze the first International Self Publishing Festival  in Senigallia (An) on  October 19/20th.
With free admission, the event is housed in a lovely corner of the Foro Annonario, where  this new sector of publishing professionals have a chance to exchange, promote and sell their ideas and services to independent authors and aspiring selfpublishers. Raccontandosi will obviously be there to take advantage of this unique and enriching opportunity to contrast and compare.
The digital phenomenon  of self creation is changing the rules of the publishing game allowing an infinite number people access to the editorial market. This little “big revolution” may ruffle some feathers but as always it creates a unique opportunity as well. Antonio Tombolini, CEO of Simplicissimus Book Farm has maintained for a while now, “ the digital transition will not eliminate services but new tools of expertise will have to be learned”.

There will be numerous examples of creative content from musicians and gastronomers  while center stage will be host to conferences, presentations, readings, literary and musical performances.

Marketing’s most efficient tool : your company’s history

Foto libro Grom

Now we have proof that the job we do, writing company histories, has real meaning.

We are reading a book by Bompiani that recounts the birth and history of GROM, the wonderful international ice cream shop with the slogan “Ice cream like it was meant to be”.
The two founders, Federico Grom and Guido Martinetti, began about 10 years ago with a major obsession: making the best ice cream in the world using only natural ingredients from absolute top quality raw materials.

To get ahead they knew to look to the past.
Never mind that neither of the two had any ice cream making experience. But that wasn’t going to stop them. Above all they were good friends and this shone through on the pages of the book we were reading along with passion, curiosity, and the desire to believe in their dream.

They paid no mind to the many critics who thought they were mad. They never took themselves too seriously and remembered that, above all, they could have fun while doing it.
In other words, this was an easy read and then we find ourselves walking by one of their store so we decide to try their ice cream. Besides the fact that it is delicious, the place felt familiar. I saw the blue cornflower, the “canapine”  that held the ice creams instead of the usual tins.
We don’t know if we would have ever gone in had we not read those pages, their history. Knowing their backstory transformed yet another brand into something warm and homey. If that’s not good marketing…