Raccontandosi Per Azienda

Your family history

It’s a way to connect the past to the present and it’s the jumping off point for the future. Family histories are full of feelings of satisfaction and hardship, and anecdotes: eclectic and charismatic family members, having wild adventures and mundane routines with happy and sad times, and successful cousins, crazy uncles, precious grandparents, wandering siblings and always traditions and surprises.
A family history is a rich and unique treasure chest that sometimes has shadows and secrets. In any case to leave it shut in a drawer would mean to lose a precious inheritance.
Narrating your family history highlights the subtle but tenacious thread that quilts together generations, memories, experiences, and legends that might seem otherwise unconnected.
It means transmitting the memories, the feelings, and the personalities that people the past to future generations. In a word or two: life’s meaning.

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