Manuscript reading and evaluation – proof-reading and editing of biographical texts but not only – Writing ex-novo personal memoirs, family histories, and company biographies by competent professionals with over 15 years editorial experience in Italian publishing companies.

For us listening, sharing and personal contact are the foundation of any good work, of every good book.

a. If you already have written content:

  1. reading and evualuation of style readability, and narrative tone
  2. eventual typesetting
  3. editing: editorial work the form and content in order to achieve clarity, coherence, and if necessary: refining style, narrative equilibrium, narrative cohesion, character building, defining the voice,  chapter format, and illustration selection.

from € 1,500.00 + VAT (22%)

b. If you’re starting from zero:

  1. initial conversation and briefing
  2. interviews with people surrounding the story in loco.
  3. unraveling and shaping the story
  4. writing a text that flows with title suggestions, chapter divisions, and image incorporation
  5. one round of revisions with the author
  6. image selection

from € 3.000 + VAT (22%)

If you then want to produce your content in quality bookform:

  1. graphically designed cover and content with accompanying text, impagination, revisions with the author, one round of blueprint corrections
  2. content digitization for print
  3. print, packing and delivery of finished copies.

from € 2,200.00 + VAT (22%)

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