Franca Alfonsi, 1940-1944 La guerra di Edoardo. Scritti dalla prigionia

CopertinaAlfonsi “The last time I saw my father was at my first communion. It was August 1943 and I was eight years old. The war was raging.” And so begins the dramatic and extraordinary yet detailed reconstruction of events by Franca Alfonsi  in telling the story of her father , Edoardo from Genoa. First interred at a concentration camp in Dolo, Ethiopia and then other camps this story with a sad ending.  

Un tuffo al cuore

Here is the story of a lovely 90 year old woman from the Brianza region of Italy, a woman who has the energy and enthusiasm of a young girl full of curiosity and openmindedness. Hers has been a full intesnse life of varied interests and passions that are still very much alive today. With her husband and family, they traveled extensively with a passion for art while creating and building up a family business that became a market leader in Italy and abroad. By reminiscing and with letters, menus, and personal drawings, the author retraces the arc of a unique life for the pleasure of future generations. RetroCopertina

Giuseppe Gavazzi, Les petites choses de la vie. Storie d’amore, di geni e di mutanti

Senza titolo-1 A fascinating memoir by a 70 year old researcher who is enamoured with life, love and science. The author describes over a half a century of professional and personal adventures with joyous and terribly sad anecdotes of his life with the Milanese upper crust in the background and America on the frontier. Throughout he maintains a light and optimistic tone.

Roberto Ghislandi, Conversazioni in Sicilia

AN unforgettable journey between Syracuse and Noto during which a friendship flourishes in the blaze of an august sun. The triumph of  the Sicilian Baroque is woven into the gestures of the travelers – both young and old – who pass the time chatting, playing, and appreciating all the surrounding beauty. Remembering these unique moments through the images in this illustrated book creates an everlasting picture of an unforgettable vacation. Conversazioni in Sicilia -

Il nostro ospedale dei bambini. Ieri, oggi, domani

Ospedale Buzzi - Fronte - Raccontandosi.itOspedale Buzzi - Retro - An homage to the Buzzi Children’s Hospital of Milan, to the children of Buzzi,  their parents, and everybody who works there tirelessely to offer the best cure possible. A team effort christened by Lina Sotis, coordinated by Dr/ Ida Salvo, and conceived by Sandra Belsten, with scientific support from Dr. Anna Comini and Dr. Massimo Fontana this book also has the passionate contribution of Rosella Crippa and Marco Rota. With the help of Marco Zung from Segnoruvido and Marco Giometti, Raccontandosi has created a magical tome with two books in one volume. Side A recounts the history of the hospital from when it was just an idea in the mind of Dr. Raimondo Guaita, a 19th century pediatrician who saw it become a reality. Side B tells the story of The Hospital of the Mustachioed Busts, a fairy tale for kids, from its beginnings to the current colorful and jovial atmosphere that plays with the busts, or head statues of its founders. Great thanks goes also to the charitable association OBM Onlus.

Luigi Canton, Diario di un falchetto

“The Falchetto is that guy who comes from the North to find his fortune in the big city.” Today, after a long time, he discovers and confesses that years if not decades have been swallowed by a voracious black hole that that leaves no trace. Flashes of the distant past, of childhood and an equally long adolescence, appear and this tome compiles them to be shared by others. Diario  di un Falchetto -

Roberto Ghislandi, Nibbiano

Nibbiano - An old villa in the center of a small town surrounded by majestic hills and medieval fortresses in the Val tidone region of Emilia.  A garden that reflects the changes in the seasons, a fine vineyard,  a fountain, a well and a garden facing hayloft. The rooms open into eachother like a set of matrioshka (nesting) dolls, with lively affrescoed ceilings while the dust of memories  on furniture, in nooks and crannies and in the fireplaces summon the memory of the large family that built, lived, and animate this house. An illustrated book of detailed imagery that reveals minute details in the life between stone and love.

Giovanna Spallanzani, Una famiglia in alto mare

From Tuscany to Liguria, from Albania to Libya and from Argentina to Brazil, on the occasion of her birthday, this young 80-year old brings the story of her youth to life for her children and grandchildren. Una Famiglia in alto mare -

Giovanni Lucchi, Nell’arco di una vita

Giovann Lucchi Raccontandosi Giovanni Lucchi, a master bowmaker from Cesena, has written a brief yet enthralling autobiography, his spiritual testimony. Within these pages we read about his memories, his principles, his projects that today have become his legacy. A precious gem that recounts the great and creative passion of his life’s path.



Ilaria Capua, I virus non aspettano. Avventure, disavventure e riflessioni di una ricercatrice globetrotter (Marsilio 2012)

CopertinaCapua “On the wings of research, strange meetings, and adventures that change one’s life from its joy to its inadequacy. Dare, desire, use your imagination and above all know how to laugh about it all.”

Fabrizia Cusani, Giampaolo Sodano, Fuga dalla città. Come condire un convivio con l’olio e vivere felici (LT 2013)

CusaniSodanoCopertina   “Cum vivere, share, live together, share around the table with friends.  To enjoy by the virtue of tasting, to understand culture with food and oil as tradition.”


ASMEPA editions is the editorial arm the Academy of  Palliative Medicine in Bentivoglio (Bologna). It was created to offer study and research materials as well as publicize the culture of palliative care in the medical and scientific communities in Italy.

Raccontandosi helped a new imprint called INCONTRI record public gatherings organized by the Academy. They offer transcripts and have collected interviews with the following scholars:

Arnaldo Bagnasco, Haim Baharier, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Enzo Bianchi, Remo Bodei, Gianluca Bocchi, Riccardo Bonacina, Aldo Bonomi, Pier Luigi Celli, Don Luigi Ciotti, Don Virginio Colmegna, Paolo Cornaglia Ferraris, Nadio Delai, Umberto Galimberti, Aldo Giorgio Gargani, Mauro Magatti, Roberto Mancini, Ignazio Marino, Armando Massarenti, Paola Pierri, Alessandro Profumo, Nadia e Antonio Santini, Giuseppe Sassatelli, Mons. Pierangelo Sequeri, Enzo Soresi, Salvatore Veca, Gustavo Zagrebelsky.

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