Louisette di Suni

Luisette: raccontandosi - Scrive e regala la tua storia o quella della tua azienda

I was born in Milan in 1967 and after taking a degree in literature, I began my career at Arnoldo Mondadori Editore in the press office. After four years I became a freelancer doing press, event planning and promotion, copywriting and translation work of literary essays from German and English into Italian.

In time I realized that the most important thing in what you do is sharing it with others. There is nothing better than listening and shaping a life story that everyone one of us has while weaving a subtle plot to expose the most profound essence.
It’s a job that we all kind of do every day whether we know it or not.
Over the years we have met openminded men and women who are also curious and vigorous. They are full of precious memories of the past but have a sustaining desire to evolve, plan and dream about the future. We have become very close to some of them and they gave us their enthusiasm and lust for life along with the conviction that there is an important ‘bridge’ between people, between generations, between the past and the future.

Alessandra Mascaretti

Alessandra Mascaretti

I was born into a bustling multilingual family in Brazil in 1968. With a degree in Humanities, I began my career, first at the Guanda publishing house and then at Feltrinelli where I had an intense passion for the job working with great writers and unforgettable mentors. After five years I left the role of managing editor in order to work for Rizzoli, where I had the chance to collaborate with some major Italian authors and then became editor of BUR, Rizzoli’s literary essay imprint. I had the opportunity to delve into Italy’s tormented history with great minds, philosophers, novelists, and journalists.

Editing authors help me refine the art of listening. I learned about people by the words they used and I helped them shape their memories, their theories, their certainties and their doubts.

Today, with a bit more experience, we feel the desire to look farther afield (or much closer to home). Ours is the best job in the world. A world that thrives beyond established publishers. Every life is a novel waiting to be written, a bud waiting to bloom.